Wunderbar Potato Planter ~ Furrows, Plants, & Hills!


Wunderbar Potato Planter ~  3-in-1 ~ 

Furrows Plants and Hills - At the Same Time!


Woodward Crossings'  presents their Wunderbar Potato Planter.  The 3-in-1 Process of synchronized Furrowing, Planting and Hilling is a time saver that you can't beat! 

Milk Crates Not Included 




Efficient and Economical, this Potato Planter makes quick work out of a laborious task.



And Don't Forget Flexible, Too!

Seat is Adjustable

Foot Rest is Adjustable

Disc Hillers are Adjustable


Disc Hillers can be:

Heightened, Lowered & Angled


Milk Crates Not Included 


Potato Harvest with the Wunderbar Potato Planter




 Our Heavy Duty 3 Pt. Hitch! 


Includes Cat I Hitch Pins:






Useable Length




Overall Length





17" from Top Pin to Lower Pin
Upper Link is 3/4"
Lower Links are 7/8"
Pin to Pin - Center to Center -  26"-28


Plant Your Potatoes with our 3-in-1 Wunderbar Potato Planter!  Furrows, Plants & Hills!

  Tighten Bolts with Air Ratchet



 Must be Picked Up at Our Location or Shipped LTL

Click Below for a Freight Quote:

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If you know of a business address to ship to—it is more cost effective. It needs to be zoned commercial, have business hours, business signage, turnaround for a 55 ft. tractor trailer and a forklift. Perhaps you know of a local hardware store, lumber yard, feedmill, landscape shop, welding shop, car parts store etc. that could accept your delivery. Shipping to the nearest terminal is also an option.

For large or heavy orders when ordering the 3 Pt. Hitch and Optional Attachments, Click Here to Email your "Wish List"  for a Business to Business Shipping Quote.

Wunderbar Potato Planter ~ 3-in-1 ~ Furrows Plants and Hills - At the Same Time!
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