Wallenstein LXG330R 3 Pt. Hitch Hyd. Rotator Log Grapple

Wallenstein LXG330R Three-Point Hitch Log Grapple

360° Continuous Hydraulic Rotator

Engineered to withstand the toughest forest conditions, these grapples are perfect partners for farmers, rural property owners, and logging contractors to forward logs out of the woods with confidence. 


Fast forward your logging productivity
with Wallenstein’s Three-Point Hitch Log Grapple.

 Hydraulic Rotator Grapple
Category II & III 3PH Mount
Grapple Opening 3”- 72”
Recommended 60-180 HP
Boom Lift Capacity 4500 lbs

Keep it together -

With the most efficient way of forwarding logs out of your forest using a Wallenstein Log Grapple.

North American Made!
 Just across Lake Erie in Ontario, Canada is a region known for its superior steel and quality workmanship known as the Kitchener Area. This is home to EMB Manufacturing, the makers of Wallenstein Farm and Forestry Equipment.

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 From Forest to Fireplace, Wallenstein Provides Heavy Duty Equipmentto Get the Job Done!


Mount:  Category II & III 3PH Dimensions: 68” x 76” x 67”
Grapple Opening: 3” - 72” Weight: 888 lbs
Grapple Cylinder Clamp Force: 21000 lbs Boom Lift Capacity: 4500 lbs
Recommended HP: 60 - 180 HP Rotator Rating: 9000 lbs
Hydraulic Flow: 5 - 10 gpm Hydraulic Pressure: 3000 psi
Rotator: 360 deg Continuous Hydraulic

Bypass Grapple
Bypass Grapple

Grapple tines fold together as tight as 3 inches,

ensuring easy handling of smaller logs and branches


360 Degree Hydraulic Rotator 360 Degree Hydraulic Rotator

Pick up logs in any position and move them exactly where you want with the 360 degree hydraulic rotator.

LX320R, LX330R and LX330RP only.

Push Bar

Made with AR400 steel, applies pressure against the tree

allowing operators to safely guide the tree as it falls. LXG330 series only.

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The best quotes for shipping Wallenstein LX Log Grapples are

Business to Business shipments.

If you know of a business address to ship to—it is more cost effective. It needs to be zoned commercial, have business hours, business signage, turnaround for a 55 ft. tractor trailer and a forklift. Perhaps you know of a local hardware store, lumber yard, feedmill, landscape shop, welding shop, car parts store etc. that could accept your delivery. Shipping to the nearest terminal is also a good option.

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We will add it to your total when we receive the order and email an invoice to you reflecting the added FREIGHT QUOTE.


 To qualify  for Business to Business Shipping, the address needs to be zoned commercial, have business hours, business signage, turnaround for a 55 ft. tractor trailer and a forklift.

Questions about your order or shipping arrangements on your Wallenstein Log Grapple? Please do not hesitate to call or email us!



Own an LXG330R Wallenstein Log Grapple Now and Recieve a 5 Year Warranty! 

Wallenstein LXG330R Three-Point Hitch Log Grapple W/ 360° Continuous Hydraulic Rotator Grapple
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