Wallenstein BX72s PTO Woodchipper, 7" Diameter - ON SALE!!

Wallenstein BX72S PTO Woodchipper, Self Feeding, 7" Diameter (Maximum 10" Slabs)

A Woodlot Owner's Favorite!


Wallenstein BX72s Woochipper

The self feeding chipper automatically pulls in limbs and branches up to 7” in diameter. Chipping action is powered directly from your tractor’s PTO. Easily fold up the hopper for compact transportation.



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Direct PTO Drive Means Less:

Maintenance and Moving Parts

Wallenstein Woodchippers are I-Match Compatable!

7" Chipping Capacity
Self Feeding Hopper
PTO Driven Chipper

North American Made!

 Just across Lake Erie in Ontario, Canada is a region known for its superior steel and quality workmanship known as the Kitchener Area. This is home to EMB Manufacturing, the makers of Wallenstein Farm and Forestry Equipment.


Tapered Blades Made of Hardened Tool Steel to Create a Self Feeding Action

Designed to chip wood into valuable wood chips with an oversize heavy duty rotor and reversible chipping blades. The large diameter rotor has a faster tip speed for improved chipping action and the heavy gauge steel keeps your momentum to power through 5” diameter wood and tree trunks.



The Proof is in the Pudding!  ~ As the old saying goes!

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Drive System: DIRECT DRIVE, PTO W/ SHEARBOLT HP Requirements for Maximum Capacity: 65 - 75
HP Range: 35 - 100 Chipper Capacity : 7"
Chipper Housing Opening: 7" x 12" Rotor Size: 28"
Number of Rotor Knives: 4 Knife Type: HARDENED TOOL STEEL
Rotor Weight: 175 lbs. Dimensions LxWxH (Hopper Folded): 64" x 70" x 82"
Discharge Hood Rotation: 270 Degrees Discharge Hood Height: 82"
Weight: 728 lbs.


Adjustable Dual Handle Exit Chute     

      Adjustable Height Ski Base


Oversized Diameter Chipping Rotor     

   Fold Up Feed Hopper - No Tools

                                      Bearing Plate Protection     


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 Whether you are comparing the Wallenstein to the DR, Frontier, Bearcat, Pequea, Champion, Liberty, Jinma, MacKissic, Salsco or others—you’ll readily see that indeed, the Wallenstein is the best bang for the buck! 

Easy Access to Wallenstein BX Woodchipper Blades and Rotor!


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10 X 1.5 X 55  - GRADE 10.9 - METRIC

  • Large Diameter Rotor:
  • No Belts or Pulleys!:
  • Self Feeding Action!:
Wallenstein BX72 Wood chipper. Self-feeding, Manual PTO operated 3 Pt. Hitch Woodchipper
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  • Item #: BX72S
  • Manufacturer: Wallenstein
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: BX72s
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