WP835 Wallenstein Wood Processor ~ Affordable & Efficient!

WP835 Wallenstein Wood Processor ~ A One Man Operation! ~ North American Made


*Payment Only by Certified or Bank Check

Processing up to 1.5 Full Cords per Hour with only one person!



Pictured Above with the Optional Pivoting Chainsaw Holder

 We know that it is so good-- we give you a

5 Year Warranty*!

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*5 Year Warranty For Residential Use

(2 Year Commercial / Rental Use)

Easily mounting to most chain saws, the pivoting chain saw holder securely holds your saw in place allowing for easier cutting and less transfer time. (recommended use with minimum 22” chain saw)


*Please Note: P200 Pivoting Saw Table is

designed only for chain saws with 2 studs to hold the bar onto saw table.

Wood Processor 14HP Subaru 22 GPM 7 Second Cycle - Electric Start
Save Time, Money and Physical Strain!

Affordable, Transportable and Efficient!

Auto Cycle

With a hands free process that operates at the same time as you prepare the next block, splitting is a one-step process. Auto Cycle powers the log through the adjustable 4-way wedge and returns to the home position quickly, ready for the next log. Wallenstein's WP835 Woodprocessor Auto Cycle feature gives you single action control of splitting. 


Pictured Above with the Optional Pivoting Chainsaw Holder



Wallenstein WP835 Wood Processor Features Include:


Single Side Controls

Including Engine Start/Stop, Throttle and Hour Meter


Subaru® Engine

Electric Start 404 CC Overhead Cam Engine


Fender Kit & Highway Signal Lights


Adjustable Log Length Indicator

The flexible guides on the WP835 give you the perfect cut.



Rubber Torsion Suspension Axles and 5.30 x 12 Highway Tires


Gripping Stabilizers on the Easy Loading Ramp


Heavy Weight Log Stabilizer

The stabilizer prevents the log from rolling while you cut.


Nylon Cutting Guards

Protects chainsaw teeth from getting damaged.


High-Strength Memory-Free Synthetic Rope

• Winds Smoothly

• No Kinks

• No Coiling

• No Slivers


Easy on the back!

Wallenstein's ergonomic design allows you to work longer and more efficiently without the risk ofpersonal injury.Bringing firewood processing up to your level, the WP Wood Processor reduces unnecessary back strain by eliminating heavy lifting and bending while providing a comfortable cutting height.


Adjustable 4-Way Wedge

By raising the wedge with the easy-to-use lever, you can control the size of your firewood .


Adjustable Offload Chute

For easy stacking, pile it high, dump it into a trailer or keep the wood at waist level.





WP835 Available Options:

  • Nylon Chainsaw Holster
  • 6-Way Wedge
  • Log Peavey
  • Firewood Bin and Mesh Bag
  • Pivoting Chainsaw Arm
  • 4 Color Options
  • Spare Pivoting Chainsaw Adaptor

A Process with Progress! - Wallenstein Firewood Processors 


 Say goodbye to exhausting days, full of heavy lifting, strenuous bending and intensive handling by taking the smart approach to processing firewood with the WP830 Wallenstein Fire Wood Processor!

Split logs with the Wallenstein Firewood Processor! 14 hp Subaru engine and auto cycle valve operation makes this a One Man Operation!


North American Made! Just across Lake Erie in Ontario, Canada is a region known for its superior steel and quality workmanship known as the Kitchener Area. This is home to EMB Manufacturing, the makers of Wallenstein Farm & Forestry Equipment.

Road Ready!

(2" Ball Type)

Bringing the logs to you  changes everything.  Why carry big heavy blocks when you don’t  need to? The WP  Wood Processor is  capable of pulling the  longest logs up into the  cutting station using a  hydraulic winch. The  fold-up loading ramp  features two jacks,  creating an anchor for  maximum pull without  slipping.


Cylinders are mounted 2" higher
Cross wedge can be raised up to 8"
Hardened winch gear teeth
Larger push block
Pressure tested hydraulic tanks
Logs sit lower for a more even 4-way cut

Also Available is the WP865 for $1,700 More:

Wood Processor 36" Stroke - 14HP Subaru E/
S-22 GPM-7 Second Cycle

Please Call Us at 814-349-4484 for More Details


Pickup at our Location in Central PA - Please Call Ahead for Availability


Wallenstein WP835 Firewood Processor! 14 hp Subaru engine and auto cycle valve operation makes this a One Man Operation!
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