TD-1 Bundle Special - Jang Push Style Seeder & Plates

Bundle Special

TD-1 Jang Push Style Seeder with the 4 Plates for Planting Large Seeds



Plates in the Bundle:

 #TDA2- 6MM Thick Plate with 8 5/16" (8MM) Holes for Corn 

#TD6T8P  6MM  thick plate, 8 round 9/16” (14MM) diameter holes for beans

#TD6T16L  6MM thick plate, 16 round 3/8” (9.5 MM) diameter holes for peas

#TD4T1B  4 MM thick plate with 1 pilot hole (typically for pumpkin)- Drill to Size

TD-1 Suggested Plates for Bundle Special

Note: Customer May Chose Their Own at Checkout



We offer "Pilot Plates" that are Pre-Drilled, so that the customer may finish drilling the plate to his needed seed size.




Measure the Height of Your Seed then the Width of your seed.

Match it to the MM of the Plate Height and Width.

For Instance: Pumpkins May Fit Best with a 4 MM High Plate

Beans, Peas, and Corn May Fit Best with a 6 MM High Plate

Matching the Height is to Keep Two Seeds from Lying on Top of

Each Other in the Plate Hole



Available Plates

Spacing is Adjustable Using Sprockets to Determine Exact Drop of Seed



TD-1 Seeder Weighs 30 Pounds


The Jang TD-1 Seeder has a "spacing system" that allows the grower to specify the seed spacing desired.

The TD-1 comes with 4 Sprockets


Using (and changing) sprockets on the Discharge Shaft and the Drive Shaft, in combination with the seed plates,  the TD-1 becomes a precision seeder.



The chart on the chain guard is your "cheat sheet" to what sprockets to use for your desired spacings.




Detailed TD-1 Spacing Chart from Literature


The Pumpkin Plate, for instance,

with only 1 hole, can space as far apart as 7 feet.

Download Jang Seeder Catalog

New Feature!  The TD-1 Jang Walk Behind Seeder 

Now Comes with an Adjustable Handle!


  • Adjustable Handle:
TD-1 Jang Push Style Seeder Bargain Bundle Special for Planting Larger Seeds like Corn and Beans
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