Ridged Coulter, 17" w/ Straight 30" Shank

Ridged Coulter, 17"  w/ Straight 30" Shank

4-Bolt Hub

30" 1 x 3 Shank


Heavy Duty  Disc Coulter!

Assembly Weighs Over 40 #'s


For use with out 1 x 3 Flat Shank Clamp to affix to a

2 x 2 X 1/4" Wall Toolbar on our 3 Pt. Hitch


(Not Included)

Our 1 x 3 Flat Shank Clamp can be added at Check Out 

For Use with our CAT I 3 Pt. Hitch, 2 x 2 x 1/4" Toolbar Tool Kit:

 One Toolbar, One Hitch and Create Many Implements in Just a Few Minutes!

Check out our other Optional Attachments:

Dig Potatoes by Adding a Shank, Shank Clamp and a High Sweep Furrower

Cultivate Crops by adding S-Tines, S-Tine Clamps and Sweeps

Hill Potatoes & Build Rows to Keep Dirt Close to Crops by Adding Disc Hillers and Disc Hiller Clamps


By using 2 "Spacer Bars" and Adding an Additional Toolbar

You Can Make Your Own 2-Row Cultivator and More!

Spacer Bars & Attachments Sold Separately


Ridged Coulter, 17" w/ Straight 30" Shank
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  • Item #: COUL
  • Manufacturer: Woodward Crossings
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: COUL
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