MJ-24 Roller for Jang Seeder, 6 mm, Deeper Slot

MJ-24 Roller for Jang Seeder, 6 mm, Deeper Slot, 

24 Slots in the roller.

 The XY Rollers are unique and very versatile as they have a cross shape on them to hold small slender type seeds like some varieties of lettuce and baby spinach seeds.

We recommend using the Double Shoe with all the 24 hole rollers as it will give you two distinct rows. The divider will drop the seed down each side thus creating 2 lines of 12 holes. Great for green onions, carrots and more.

Easy to Use! 

Just pick out the roller for the application you desire in one single chart!


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Jang Seed Rollers have slots which are like dimples or depressions. Each one cradles the seed being planted. The number of slots in each roller used with different sprocket combinations will determine your spacing between the seeds. The size of the slot determines what size seed can be cradled in that depression.

  • Anti-Abrasion Plastic:
MJ-24 Roller for Jang Seeder, 6 mm, Deeper Slot with 24 slots in the roller.
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  • Item #: MJ-24
  • Manufacturer: Jang
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: MJ-24
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