Left & Right Tender Hoe Knives -Use w/ Beet Knife Shank Holder

Set of Right and Left Tender Plant Hoe Knives - 9 Inch

Right Hand and Left Hand Tender Plant Hoes -


For Use in Weeding Closely to the Plant Row


9 Inch Tender Plant Hoes

To attach to the Beet Knife Shank: (2) 3/8" x 1 1/2" Carriage Bolts w/ (2) Nuts & (2) Bolts



To Be Used on our Beet Knife Shank Holder Sold Separately as Seen Below:

Fork is 1/2" x 2" steel welded to a 5/8" x 2"Shank

Beet Knife Holder Sold Separately



Beet and/or banana knifing shanks are single offset staggered fork units

with 6" ID spacing between the knives. 

 APPLICATION: The staggered fork configuration provides more room for shedding of trash and weed foliage between knives which in turn aids in the prevention of "dragging" out crops. Allows beet, crescent, tender ppant hoes and/or banana knives to be mounted on existing cultivator bars with a single clamp. See our Flat Shank Clamp below.


Side View

Beet Knife Holder Sold Separately

For Assembly - Just Attach the Beet Knife Holder with Tender Plant Hoes to a Flat Shank Clamp onto a 2 x 2 Toolbar -

(Sold Separately)

Flat Shank Clamp (Sold Separately) Shown Below on a Toolbar on our 3 Pt. Hitch


Then, Put on Crescent Knives, Beet Knives or Tender Plant Hoes

(Sold Separately)

HT02-04-L4 2 x 2 Toolbar for a 3 Point Hitch (Not Included)



Left & Right Tender Plant Hoe Knives - Knives are to be used with a Beet (Banana) Knife Holder Shank
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