Left & Right Crescent Knives - Use with Beet Knife Shank Holder

Set of Right and Left Crescent Knives

Right Hand and Left Hand Crescent Knives

Description: High carbon, heat treated steel

  • Bolt Hole Size:  3/8”
  • Centers:  1-1/4” to 2”
  • Description:  6” X 1/4” crescent hoe
  • Weight/ea:  1.9 lbs



To Be Used on our Beet Knife Shank Holder Sold Separately as Seen Below:

To attach to the Beet Knife Shank: (2) 3/8" x 1 1/2" Carriage Bolts w/ (2) Nuts & (2) Bolts

Fork is 1/2" x 2" steel welded to a 5/8" x 2"Shank

Beet Knife Holder Sold Separately



Beet and/or banana knifing shanks are single offset staggered fork units

with 6" ID spacing between the knives. 

 APPLICATION: The staggered fork configuration provides more room for shedding of trash and weed foliage between knives which in turn aids in the prevention of "dragging" out crops. Allows beet and/or banana knives to be mounted on existing cultivator bars with a single clamp. See our Flat Shank Clamp below.


Side View

Beet Knife Holder Sold Separately


Beet Knife Holder Shown Above and Below with the Crescent Knives

For Assembly - Just Attach the Beet Knife Holder with Cresent Knives to a Flat Shank Clamp onto a 2 x 2 Toolbar -

(Sold Separately)

Flat Shank Clamp (Sold Separately) Shown Below on a Toolbar on our 3 Pt. Hitch


Then, Put on Crescent Knives, Beet Knives or Tender Hoes

(Sold Separately)

HT02-04-L4 2 x 2 Toolbar for a 3 Point Hitch (Not Included)



Right and Left Crescent Knife Set - Knives are to be used with a Beet (Banana) Knife Holder Shank
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  • Item #: CH06LR
  • Manufacturer: Woodward Crossings
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: CH06LR
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