JP-3 Jang Seeder Bargain Bundle, 18 Rollers, Roller Exchange

JP-3 Bargain Bundle Includes 18 Rollers,

& Qualifies You for the Roller Exchange Program*

JP-3 Jang Hand Seeder

Precision Planting for Smaller Seeds

18 Rollers include 3 of each below:

  • F-12 (Spinach at 2-5" apart),
  • LJ-12 (Large Beets, Okra, Swiss Chard at 2-5" apart),  
  • MJ-12 (Beets, Pelleted Carrots, Cilantro, Coated Lettuce, Coated Onion, Sorghum, and Baby Swiss Chard at 2-5" apart),
  • X-24 (Carrots,  Leeks, Mesculin, Onion, Radish, and Scallion at 1/2" - 2 1/2" apart).
  • YYJ-12 (Arugula, Basil, Broccoli, Kale, Parsley, and Turnip at 2"-5" apart)
  • XY-24 Roller (Lettuce at 1/2 - 2" apart) 

Or you may substitute the above rollers with rollers of

your preference at checkout.

*Easy Roller Exchange Program:

The purchase of a Jang Seeder Bundle and Rollers qualifies the buyer to participate in our Roller Exchange program. You may mail back an unused roller/s for an exchange of the roller/s of your choice of equal value during the first season of use.

  • Clear, durable plastic hopper allows you to see seeds.
  • Quick release hopper makes it easy to empty and change rollers.
  • Singulates and spaces small seeds accurately (This saves on seeds and thinning).
  • Seed sizing provided on inside of hopper lid for easier roller selection.
  • Hopper volume .26 gal.
  • No waste of leftover seeds.
  • Can work with only small amounts of seeds in hopper.
  • Uses special anti abrasion plastic rollers to prevent static electricity.

The 3-Row push style seeder has the same
features as the JP-1. Row spacing as close
as 3” and up to 5-1/2” with all three units
intact. If center metering unit is removed, row
spacings are possible up to12”.

 Pictured above is a JP-3 with Double Disc Openers

Three Passes with a JP-3 (Above)



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Pictured above is a JP-3 with Double Disc Openers

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Just pick out the roller for the application you desire in one single chart!

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The Jang Seeder rollers have slots to cradle each seed planted.


The Jang Seeder comes with 6 sprockets. The two sprockets on the unit are 11

tooth sprockets. In addition, you will receive a 9, 10, 13, and 14 tooth sprocket.


We Recommend the TD-1 Jang Seeder for Better Precision Planting on the Larger Seeds Such As Beans and Corn



The JP-3 Jang Seeder Model has the availibility of adding an extra head, making it a 4 head unit.



You may chose any of these rollers:

Write your choice in the text box at checkout.



 Jang Rollers Used for planting Flower Seeds such as Ammi, Calendula, Cosmos, Mexican Hat, Solidago, Sunflowers, Zinnias and more.  Roman Numerals run from I-IV in range of size of smaller to larger. 

Jang Seeder Overview Video


Jang Seeder Roller Selection and Seed Spacing Video



Getting Started with Your New Jang Seeder Video!



Diakon Radishes Planted with the JP-1 Jang Seeder and an LJ-12 Roller

One Month Later - Diakon Radishes Planted with the LJ-12 Roller

Lettuce Planted with X-24 Roller

  • Anti-Abrasion Plastic:
  • Singulates Seeds:
  • Select Seed Spacings:
  • Easy Roller Exchange Program!:
  • Precision Seeding:
Bargain Bundle for JP-3 Jang Seeder ~ 18 Rollers! Roller Exchange Program, Precision Planting for Smaller Seeds
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