International Cultivator Shank w/ Spring & Footpeice ~ Versatile

A Multi Use International Cultivator Shank with Foot Piece


Inventory on the Round Shank Clamps for the IH Shanks will be back in stock the Week of May 13th.  


Feel Free to order now to be in "queue".


A Multi-function Shank with a Foot Piece.

Can be used with our Wunderbar Module with Row Crop Sweeps, Furrowers or Chisel Points. 

Also Fits Farmall International 100, 130, 140, Cub and Super A models.

The Foot Piece fits our Row Crop Sweeps, Furrowers and Chisel Points


 The spring has a nut on top where you can increase or decrease the


tension of the kickback load in the event you hit a rock or a root.


This cultivator shank is able to have from 4" up to 30" sweeps used on it.


At  checkout you can add a 16" Buffalo Row Crop Sweep with a 55° stem.


20" high

1-3/16" rod shaft width

5-1/2" spring (1-5/8 inches  in diameter)



 The Round Shank fits into our Round Shank Clamps with 3 Bolt Holes


 Round Shank Clamp (Sold Separately at Checkout) 


Attach a Furrower

(Sold Separately)


 Or a Chisel Point


(Sold Separately)


Or our 16" Buffalo Row Crop Sweeps

 (Sold Separately at Checkout)

55° Stem Assists in Cultivating Just Below the Dirt

Shown Below is the Round Shank Clamp

w/ the Cultivator Shank & 16" Buffalo Row Crop Sweep 

Our Buffalo Row Crop Sweeps are Designed with a 55° Bend

on the Sweep to Go Just Below the Soil Without Creating a Furrow

 Our 16" Buffalo Row Crop Sweep has a Low Crown & Flanged Neck for Flat Running.

Constant Width Assure Maximum Life. 1/4" Thick.

Stem Angle is 55°.

7/16" bolt size with 2" hole spacing

Use the Above Components our a 2 x 2 Toolbar with 1/4" Wall


HT02-04-L4 2 x 2 Toolbar for a 3 Point Hitch (Sold Separately)

 and our 3 Pt. Hitch

 (Sold Separately)


Woodward Crossings Wunderbar Module is a Mix N Match System

Using a Mulititude of Attachments to

Create Your Own Workable, Rugged and Versatile Farm Equipment Attachments!



Wowsers! Above is a pic submitted by David Mastin of New York.


Showing our CAT I 3 Pt. Hitch, 18" Spacers, 6 Ft. Toolbars, our 5/8" Shanks, and Straight Chisel Spikes.

David painted his toolbars John Deere Green.  Quite impressive! Thanks, Dave for Sharing!


IH Cultivator Shank with Spring and Foot Piece. Fits International and our Wunderbar Module.
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