Hoss Tool Standard Wheel Hoe Garden Cultivator Sweeps

Sweeps To Use with the Hoss Tool Standard Wheel Hoe Garden Cultivator

Hoss Tools sweeps are powder coated, made of stamped steel and cast iron, and are easily adjusted for various row widths.

Made in America!

Hoss Tools sweeps are designed for shallow cultivation so that feeder root damage does not occur while eliminating weeds from your garden.


Hoss sweeps can be turned inward for a stirrup-hoe set up to clean weeds from the middle of rows and can also be turned outward to eliminate weeds near plants without damage to the plant foliage.



These will also work on the planet Jr. Wheel Hoe!

The Angle on the The S100 and S101 is a tad different. This offset angle is so they will overlap when turned in. Sweeps S100 and S101 is sold in pairs.

You will find that these sweeps will be your best friend for years to come when cultivating your garden.

Use the Sweeps for cultivating experience you've never had before!



Should you need shallow cultivation or simply weeding, the durable steel blade sweeps will simplify the task greatly. Easily mounted on the tool bar for different widths, the 8" sweeps are for working between rows. 

Ideal cultivation is be as close to the plant as possible without damaging the roots, this is where the Hoss Tool Wheel Hoe Cultivator shines!

The sweeps are one of the most valuable options!


One of Many Options for the Hoss Wheel Hoe Cultivator

You Won't Know What You Did  Without It!


  • Optional Attachments Make it an All-In-One Tool!:
  • Powder Coated Metal Parts :
  • Quality Construction:
  • Stamped Steel and Cast Iron:
  • The Ultimate Garden Tool! :
  • USA Made!:
Sweeps for the Hoss Tool Standard Wheel Hoe Garden Cultivator, USA Made! Powder Coated, Stamped Steel and Cast Iron
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  • Manufacturer: Hoss Tools
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: SP301
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