Hoss Lil Double Wheel Hoe Garden Cultivator, US Made

Hoss Lil Double Wheel Hoe Garden Cultivator

American Made!

Alas!  You Found the Ultimate Garden Tool!

The Wheel Hoe Cultivator

Quality Construction, USA Made, Wheel Garden Hoe Cultivator That is Sturdy, Strong and Built to Last!



Hoss Tools takes the Single Wheel Hoe, adds another wheel and axle, and makes the Lil Double Wheel Hoe. This stabilizes the wheel hoe enables it to straddle the row for cultivating until the plants are about 6” high. We call this the “Lil Double Wheel Hoe”


Weed Control at its Best!

Save Time & Energy with the Hoss Tool Garden Cultivator's 15” steel wheel! Smaller wheel than the competition?  You betcha! The 15" wheel provides greater stability and a lower center of gravity than the high wheel cultivators that are so unstable and wobbly. 

The Hoss Tool Wheel Hoe Cultivator is a reliable product- tested and tried and proven to provide you with years of service for your planting needs! 


For a Limited Time! 

Order a Single or Double Wheel Hoe and a Seeder and receive a Free Amish Made Seed Bag (US Only).

The Seed Bag is our own design and Amish crafted by our local Amish community.

A very functional piece!  Use as a Seed Bag or a Label Tag Bag!

Colors May Vary


Plow Handles:

Amish crafted # 1 Red Oak - 54 1/2" long x 1 9/16" x 7/8"16 ½” tapered dowel. Put a coat of linseed oil for protection and to bring out the beauty of the red oak.

 The Best Cultivator to Use in High tunnels, Hoop Houses,  and Greenhouses!


Quality Construction:

  • The metal parts are powder coated steel. 
  • Amish-crafted Hardwood handles, are adjustable to accommodate the gardeners’ height.
  • You'll never have to worry about flat or dry-rotted tires as the Hoss Wheel Hoe's steel cultivator wheel is fitted with oil impregnated bronze bushings and dust covers.
  • The tool bar is quarter-inch-steel. This makes the attachments the most versatile on the market!
  • Customize it to suit your specific crops and needs!


4 cultivator teeth are included with the Lil Double Wheel Hoe Cultivator.


Wheel Hoe Cultivator Teeth

Powder coated and durable, The Hoss Wheel Hoe Cultivator Teeth have a narrow throat and a wide foot for intense cultivation in the soil.

One tooth can be used on the toolbar for laying off rows or you may use as many as five for more aggressive cultivation.

Another excellent feature is that they will work on Planet Jr. Wheel Hoe!


More Cultivator Teeth May be Added as Viewed Below:


Available Options Makes it an All-In-One Tool!

Weed, Furrow, Plow and Cultivate with a Few Short Alterations and Attachments in Just Minutes!

Optional Attachments for the Lil Double Wheel Hoe Cultivator


Should you need shallow cultivation or simply weeding, the durable steel blade sweeps will simplify the task greatly. Easily mounted on the tool bar for different widths, the 8" sweeps are for working between rows. 

Ideal cultivation is be as close to the plant as possible without damaging the roots, this is where the Hoss Tool Wheel Hoe Cultivator shines! The sweeps are one of the most valuable options!

Conversion Kit:

The shoulder bolt is 3/8" x 2 3/4" and can be purchased to convert your Standard Single Wheel Hoe Cultivator to a Double Wheel Hoe Cultivator.


Hoss Plows:

Powder coated & built to last! Used in a pair they can be positioned to be used as a hiller or as a furrower. Please note: Plows are intended for well-prepared soil.


Oscillating Hoes

Made of 1095 High Carbon Steel, these "Stirrups" are ideal for working greens and narrow rows.

Hinge action oscillates 20 degrees for cutting action forward and backwards. Available in 6", 8" and 12"widths!


Spreader Bar

Attach the Spreader Bar to the tool bar of the Lil Double Wheel Hoe. Then attach 6" Oscillating Hoe's on each side. This allows you to stradle the row, cultivating both sides of the plant. Adjustable width is 1" to 4". 

So Many Options -

You Won't Know What You Did  Without It!


  • Amish Crafted Red Oak Handles :
  • Optional Attachments Make it an All-In-One Tool!:
  • Powder Coated Metal Parts :
  • Quality Construction:
  • Quarter Inch Tool Bar:
  • Steel Wheel w/ Oil Impregnated Bronze Bushings:
  • The Ultimate Garden Tool! :
  • USA Made!:
Hoss Tool Lil Double Wheel Hoe Garden Cultivator, USA Made! Sturdy, Stable & w/ So Many Options!
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