Generic Hoss Seed Plate (HS4-1250) -Generic Plate 1/4 Thick

Generic Hoss Seed Plate

(HS4-1250) - Generic Plate 1/4 Thick

Alas! An Affordable Option for the All Around Gardener!

Interchangeable seed plates for different seeds.

Hoss Seeder Hopper without Lid with Seed Plate

Optional Plates Available ~ Can Be Ordered at Check Out:

  • Seed Plate #7  (HS4-1007) -  radish, leek, asparagus, spinach, other medium seeds
  • Seed Plate #8  (HS4-1008) -  cucumber and watermelon
  • Seed Plate #9  (HS4-1009) -  large beans, butter & lima beans
  • Seed Plate #10 (HS4-1010) - squash and pumpkin

Also Customizable Plates for the Hoss Seeder are Available at Check Out:


  • Generic Seed Plate (HS4-1090) - generic plate 3/32 thick  
  • Generic Seed Plate (HS4-1188) - generic plate 3/16 thick
  • Generic Seed Plate (HS4-1250) - generic plate 1/4 thick
  • Metal Drill Template (HS4-1024) - used for drilling custom seed plates

Hoss Tools ~ So Many Options!

You Won't Know What You Did  Without It!


  • USA Made!:
Generic Hoss Seed Plate (HS4-1250) - Generic Plate 1/4 Thick
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  • Item #: HS4-1250
  • Manufacturer: Hoss Tools
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: HS4-1250
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