Ease-Roll Wash Line Wheels Amish Built Clothesline Pulley System

Ease-Roll Wash Line Wheels~Amish Built Clothesline Pulley System

The finest Deluxe Clothesline Pulley System you will find!

Uses 12" and 16" Poly Pulleys

To be used with: 1/8" x 3/16" Coated Clothesline Cable

Cable Not Included - May Be Added at Checkout

#250 Clothesline Pulley System Kit Consists of:


1 - WLWS - Set of Wheels (12" and 16" Pulleys) w/ Rubber  Brake & Pin


1- INSP - Inline Spacer


2- RSP - Regular Spacer


1- CBTN - Cable Tightener w/ Retainer


2 - 107182 - Cable Clamps


2 - 028878 - Threaded Links


All you'll need is 3/16” Poly Coated Cable of your desired length and you'll have the ultimate clothesline that will last you many, many years.




This Amish Clothesline Pulley System is quality built and made to last!


How does it work?

The Inline spacer starts at the beginning where you put your clothes on at the smaller pulley of your clothesline.  You then keep pushing it away from you as you hang up your clothes.

The regular spacers are removable.  So, these spacers get put in as you line up your clothes, when you think that you have a lot on - like maybe 15-20 ft - (just guessing here-- it depends on the weight) - then put in a regular spacer.  Keep going-- and when you get another long stretch of clothes - put in another regular spacer. 

This keeps the lines together and secures the lines so that the wind doesn't wrap the clothes and lines around each other. 


Additional Hardware (above) Can Be Ordered Separately at Check Out as Well as Additional Spacers for your Clothesline Pulley System and Coated Clothesline Cable



Start with the smaller Pulley on the end you would start putting clothes on.

Rubber brake keeps clothes from rolling back into the pulley.


Use the Inline Spacer and Cable Tightener at the beginning.

Start putting your laundry on between the Pulley and the The Inline Spacer.  

Push the Inline Spacer away from you as you add laundry. 

The Inline Spacer will keep the laundry from wrapping into the large Pulley at the end.

Large Pulley at end.

The Cable Clamps hold the splice in place where you cut and joined the Coated Cable ends.


Ease-Roll Wash Line Wheels~Amish Built Clothesline Pulley System Directions Above

Ease-Roll Wash Line Wheels ~ Deluxe Amish Built Clothesline Pulley System
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