Delmorino DM100 Side Discharge Potato Digger / Harvester


 Delmorino DM100 Side Discharge Potato Digger / Harvester


The Delmorino Potato Digger consists of two alternately oscillating sieves,
which separate the potatoes from soil in one pass.
3 Furrowers are Replaceable
Please Note:  You will need 4 Ft. Clearance Between the Rear Tires


- Three-point hitch, category 1.
- Drive shaft with flywheel, 540 rpm.
– Steel flywheel.
- Three replaceable furrowers.
- Oscillating sieves separate potatoes from soil.
- Adjustable steel discs for depth control.
– Universal PTO shaft Category 4°



Supplies are limited.

 Sieves are Appx. 1" Apart

DM100 Model Potato Harvester Specs:

Working Width - 24”

Required HP - 30-50

Max Depth - 6-14

RPM  - 540

Weight - 648 


The Delmorino DM100 has Three Replaceable Furrowers.


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DM100 Side Discharge Potato Diger is Manufactured In-House in Italy at the Delmorino Company


Some Assembly May Be Required

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Assembled Dimensions on the

Side Discharge Delmorino DM100 Potato Digger are 72 x 64 x 53

Delmorino DM100 Side Discharge Potato Digger / Harvester
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