B91-92B Cole Planet Jr. Seeder for 3 Pt. or Tool Bar Mounting

B91-92B Cole Planet Jr. Seeder

for 3 Pt. Hitch or Tool Bar Mounting

5 Quart Hopper

Cole is USA Made!  

Designed for Smaller Seeds

Be assured you will get a USA planter with full back up support for parts and service.

The Cole Planters are American Made and are manufactured at their factory in Georgia. These are not an imported knockoff.

Pictured Below with 3 Pt. Hitch - Ordered Separately

(3 Pt. Hitch Not Included - B21-305A - May Be Added to Order at CheckOut)

For Precision Planting, we recommend the JPH-U from Jang


Meters hard-to-handle seeds in continuous drill. We recommend the Jang Seeder for smaller seeds.

Power from the front wheel turns the feed wheel in the hopper assuring constant flow of seeds.

Feed Wheel

Seeds pass through a hole in the seed plate. the diameter size of the hole controls the amount of seed flow.

Seed Plates

Three seed plates with 13 holes each come with every drill. This gives you a total of 39 seed flow adjustments ranging in diameter from 3/32" to 3/4". Holes are numbered for easy selection. No calibration is necessary between drills. Seed plates change easily without fitted tools.

The individual Planet Jr. plate #s from smallest to largest are:




4" of Float: Cradle bracket allows the drill to float a full 4" up and down. Unique spring suspension permits each drill to follow the contours of the ground independently allowing uniform depth of seed.

57 lbs.

Planet Jr – for Tool Bar mounting - Add mounts & ToolBar

  • add B21-305A for 3-pt one row
  • add B21-259 toolbar mount for multiple rows as needed
  • add B46-679 or B46-680 toolbar if needed



Cole Planet Jr. Brochure

Cole Planet Jr.Owner's Manual


Attachments for the Cole Planet Jr.

Pictured Below with 3 Pt. Hitch - Order Separately

Cole Planet Jr. Front View
Model B91-92B Vegetable Drill
With Floating Cradle Bracket

Cole Planet Jr. Component Parts
View the component parts.

Row Drills

Pictured Above with 3 Pt. Hitch (B21-305A)- Order Separately

Row Drills & Muli Row

The tool bars must be shipped Freight LTL. The two tool bar options are: 

B46-679 80” TB w/Cat I Hitch - 2-1⁄2" Corner Style
B46-680 144” TB w/Cat I Hitch - 2-1⁄2" Corner Style

Cole Planters Parts & Price List

Email Us for Your Parts Needs

  • USA Made:
B91-92B Cole Planet Jr. for tool Bar Mounting, One Row, Planter
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  • Item #: B91-92B
  • Manufacturer: Cole
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: B91-92B
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