B51-031 McNifty Gravity-Flow Fertilizer Attachment for Cole

B51-031 McNifty Gravity-Flow Fertilizer Attachment for

Cole 12 MX MultiFlex 3 Pt. Planter

Made by Cole --But can fit our Wunderbar or the Jang Toolbar

Mcnifty will mount to a 2” square bar.

The McNifty Fertilizer Attachment has a Gravity Flow Design

The spring-return fertilizer gate is opened by a chain attached to the tractor.  When the unit is lifted, the chain puls the gate closed.  The chain features an in-line spring to absorb shocks.  When unit is lowered, spring loaded gate returns to the original setting.

If the product does not stick to itself, it will flow through the Mcnifty. There is no internal agitator to agitate the product.


The brackets on the McNifty Fertilizer Attachment are designed for most V-type garden cultivators including Cole's 300MX, 301MX and 501MX cultivators and rear-angle frame cultivators.  2 holes are needed 10" apart and at right angles to the direction of travel.


It's big capacity holds 100 pounds of fertilizer and is made of durable fiberglass.

The screen assures uniform application with 1/4" mesh reduces lumps to 1/4" or less.


The McNifty Fertilizer Attachment  applies up to 500 lbs. per acre

on 36" rows at 3 m.p.h.

Unit automatically cuts off when lifted.

The rate of application is adjustable by a bolt that is set simply by hand tools.

The boot for the spout attaches to tines to accurately place the fertilizer.

Click to Print PDF with More Details on the McNifty Fertilizer Hopper

Measurements for McNifty Mounting Purposes:

The McNifty Fertilizer Hopper attachment is about 18 inches high.

Width of the top is 16 inches

Width at the bottom is 10 inches. 

The hose that comes out of the bottom is about 8 inches but can stretch out. 

From center to center it is 6 1/2 inches.

B51-031 McNifty Gravity-Flow Fertilizer Attachment for Cole 12 MX MultiFlex 3 Pt. Planter
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  • Item #: B51-031
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