Amazing Quick & Easy Garden Planner! Free Shipping ~ Video Here!

Amazing Quick & Easy Garden Planner! Free Shipping ~ Video Here!

  • Frost Dates
  • When to Plant Inside
  • When to Plante Outside
  • How to Deep to Plant
  • How Far Apart to Plant
  • How Much Your Harvest Should Be



Makes a Great Gift, Too!

Pull out the instructions that are tucked inside.

On the back of the instructions is a listing of the frost dates in the US - by State & City

The legend at the bottom denotes a number of symbols and letters.  For instance, the green check marks mean the expected harvest dates. SI represents the indoor seeding dates, FP - represents  First Outdoor Planting dates and so.

 Also - slide the chart wide open. You'll see how many seeds per crop are needed for a 10 ft. row, seed depth and distance betweend rows and plants.

For a fall garden, flip the chart over and follow your frost line.

It will show you the Last Planting date so that you should have a harvest without fall frost damage.



Woodward Crossings' Garden Planner is a great resource

that you will find to be your best friend for many years!


Amazing Quick & Easy Garden Planner with Frost Dates and When to Plant, How Much Your Harvest Should Be, How to Plant
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