All Steel Hand Wringer ~ Attach to Square Wash Tubs

Steel Hand Wringer ~

Attach to Square Wash Tubs

Looking for a Hand Wringer that Removes Twice as Much Water than Your Spin Dry Cycle?

Look No More!  A Manually Operated Industrial Hand Wringer Used in Garages, Car Washes, Motels, Pools, Hospitals and Now in Your Home!


This is made right here in Pennsylvania!

Not an imported knockoff found online.

Portable Industrial Hand Wringer, Adjustable and Durable!

Commercial Grade Hand Wringer for Wash Tubs

(Galvanized Wash Tub Not Included)

  • Virtually indestructible
  • All-steel frame
  • Steel tube handle
  • Zinc plated finish
  • Hard maple bearings that never need oil
  • Single, adjustable screw
  • Attaches to portable or stationary square tubs

The Industrial Hand Wringer is adjustable for bulky items such as towels to thin items.


Our Hand Wringers have a single, adjustable screw on the top which supplies pressure at center of a flat, tempered steel spring. This allows pressure to be balanced over the entire length of the roll.

Manually Operated Handwringer is equipped with rolls 12" X 1 7/8".The clamps open to 1 3/4".  Weighs 16 lbs.


Hand Wringer Clamps to Wash Tubs and More!


 This Manual Hand Clothes Wringer is a Great Tool for Campers!

Please Note: The wringers are made from steel and then zinc plated clear chromate     So if not wiped down after use or left outside in the elements,  or surfaced chipped or scratched, they may rust.

  • All Steel Hand Wringer:
  • Attaches to Stationary or Portable Wash Tubs :
  • Manually Operated Hand Wringer Makes it Portable!:
  • Rustproof Hand Wringer:
  • Virtually Indestructible Hand Wringer:
Portable Industrial Hand Wringer, All Steel, Rustproof and Durable! Adjustable Rollers. Clamps to Wash Tubs and More!
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  • Item #: 76-3
  • Manufacturer: Lake City Industries
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 76-3
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