6" 3 Ply Thresher, Conveyor, Baler Belting ~ Priced Per Foot

6" Thresher Belting ~ 6" Baler Belting ~6" Conveyor Belting

3-Ply High Quality Texture Top Belt

Priced By the Foot - Order as Many Feet as You Want

We Cut to Size.


5.6 mm thick

Three Ply refers to the layers of fabric sandwiched by

the layers of rubber. Three-ply belting is stronger

and stiffer and wears longer than two-ply belting.

Always use the same ply of belt as

the ply of the belt that is used on the original machine.


Please Note: Do not mix different ply belts on a machine.

This will create an unequal load situation and the

baler may not perform properly.

Also Note: Also use the belt with the surface

texture that matches the texture used on the

original equipment belt.

If you try to use a smooth or flat-textured belt

on a machine designed to use an aggressive,

rough-surface belt, the machine will not perform

as designed. And vice versa, if a machine is

designed for a smooth belt and a more aggressive,

rough-surface belt is used, the equipment may

be unable to handle the crop volume and plug frequently.

Occasionally, because of crop conditions, it may

be necessary to use a more aggressive, roughersurface

belt. In this situation, move up only one

step in aggressiveness.


Our belting is manufactured from premium

quality materials and vulcanized under extreme

heat and pressure, so it won’t shrink, rot, or

mildew. The belts will withstand the extreme

flexing common on large round balers. The

highly stable fabric used in the manufacturing

of the belts prevents premature failure caused by

belt stretching.


Our baler, thresher and conveyor belts are manufactured to meet the demands of today’s high-density balers

All belts stretch to some degree with time and use, and adjustments to the machine are necessary. To ensure even tension throughout the machine, it is better to replace the entire set of belts whenever any replacement is necessary.

However, if in an emergency situation it is necessary to replace less than a full set, the remaining belts should be measured and the replacement belt(s) cut accordingly

6" Thresher Belting ~ 6" Baler Belting ~ 6" Conveyor Belting 3 Ply High Quality Texture Top Belt
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