40" Bed Roller, For Use as a Bed Shaper for 3 Ft. Raised Beds

40" Bed Roller

For Use as a Bed Shaper for 3 Ft. Raised Beds

12 3/4" O.D.

Heavy Duty Bedroller!

 175 #'s

Attach to a 2 x 2 x 1/4" Toolbar with 1 x 3 Clamps

For Use with our Cat I Hitch


 Shaper Rings (Below) Also Available for Shaping Raised Beds

Sold Separately



For Use With Our CAT I Hitch & 2 x 2 x 1/4" Toolbar (Below)

Sold Separately


One Toolbar, One Hitch and Create Many Implements in Just  Minutes!

Check out our other Optional Attachments:

Dig Potatoes by Adding a Shank, Shank Clamp and a High Sweep Furrower

Cultivate Crops by adding S-Tines, S-Tine Clamps and Sweeps

Hill Potatoes & Build Rows to Keep Dirt Close to Crops by Adding Disc Hillers and Disc Hiller Clamps


By using 2 "Spacer Bars" and Adding an Additional Toolbar

You Can Make Your Own 2-Row Cultivator and More!

Spacer Bars, Toolbars & Attachments Sold Separately



 Bed Roller Must Be Picked Up at Our Location or Shipped LTL

Click Here for a Freight Quote:

This amount will not be calculated at checkout.  We will add this to your invoice.

If you know of a business address to ship to—it is more cost effective. It needs to be zoned commercial, have business hours, business signage, turnaround for a 55 ft. tractor trailer and a forklift. Perhaps you know of a local hardware store, lumber yard, feedmill, landscape shop, welding shop, car parts store etc. that could accept your delivery. Shipping to the nearest terminal is also an option.

For large or heavy orders when ordering the 3 Pt. Hitch and Optional Attachments, Click Here to Email your "Wish List"  for a Business to Business Shipping Quote.

40" Bed Roller, For Use as a Bed Shaper for 3 Ft. Raised Beds
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