2 3/4" Sweep to Bolt on a Standard S-Tine Cultivator System

Build Your Own Cultivator!


 76A381 2 3/4"" Sweep to Bolt on a Standard S-Tine

Sweeps are 1/4” thick, made to fit the Danish
“S” tine and other field preparation equipment
of this type.

Also Available to Create Your Own Cultivator:

Clamp for Danish S-Tine to Fit on a  2”x2” Toolbar on a 3 Pt. Hitch Below (Sold Separately) Can Be Ordered at Checkout

76A386 Danish S-Tine Clamp (Sold Separately)

Also available at checkout are the following sweeps, tines and bolts to build your cultivator.

 Sweep is to be attached to the bottom of the S-Tine pictured above (Sold Separately)



76A380 Sweep 1 (Not Included)

76A382 Sweep 4 (Not Included)

76A383 Sweep 7 (Not Included)

7A9080 Bolts to Attach Sweeps to S-tines (Sold Separately)

HT02-04-L4 2 x 2 Toolbar for a 3 Point Hitch (Sold Separately)

Suggested Setup in Pics Below:


Tools Needed:


Snug up Elliptical Bolts on S-Tines with 9/16” wrench


You will need 3/8” x 3 Carriage bolts for S-Tine Clamps and 7/16” Nuts  to fasten the S-Tine Clamps to the Toolbar


11/16” Wrench to snug up the bolts on the S-Tine Clamps

2 3/4" Sweep to Bolt on a Standard S-Tine to Make a Home Made Cultivator.
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  • Item #: 76A381
  • Manufacturer: Temco
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 76A381
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