SSP-250 575 lb Capacity 3 Pt. Poly Fertilizer Spreader

Tar River SSP-250 Poly 3-Point Spin Fertilizer Blender Spreaders, 575 # Capacity


Blender Option:


Even perfectly blended materials tend to separate by size and density during transportation or the spreading application. The individual products, which begin as a homogenous blend, can very quickly separate as they are being transported to the field, or during the spreading process. Maintain constant homogenous blends of any and all combination of fertilizers, seeds, fungicides, herbicides, sand, etc. with the Blender option.

Woodward Crossings offers the SSP-250 Blender Spreader. Combine various types of fertilizer, fungicides, herbicides, seeds, and sand or any combination  of all three into the hopper and the fountain blender will blend all the products and keep them consistently blended as they are spread.A unique fountain blending system, which keeps a consistent blend of any and all products which are spread with your typical spin or pendular spreader. 








  • Durable no-rust Poly Hopper
  • Cat.1 three point hitch
  • Simple adjustable Left-Right-Center spread pattern
  • Galvanized spin disc with multi –position adjustable fins
  • Optional Stainless Steel parts available through Parts


Bottom opening gates on the Tar River SSP-400 ensure constant and accurate flows that are not available on side outlet spin spreaders.

Dependable gearboxes provide years of excellent service. The variable positioning gate openings and fin adjustments allow material to drop on different positions of the spinning disc thereby giving a left-right-center spread pattern.



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SSP-400 is also available (pictured below on right)


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Tar River SSP2-50 Poly 3-Point Spin Fertilizer Blender Spreaders
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